Food stuff + Trading Division

Food stuff Division

Our Foodstuff division includes Items like Rice, Rice Powder, Wheat, Wheat Powder, Varieties of dry Beans, Sugar, cooking oil, Spices, Spice powders, Pickles, Vita ,
Wheat, Wheat flour, Corn, Pulses , Nuts , Beverages , Spices etcÖ Presently we are focusing on importing Rice, Nuts, Pickles and other Food stuffs.

Our suppliers are mainly from Brazil, Egypt, USA, Africa, Holland, Australia, KSA, Oman, Thailand, Iran, China, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Kenya, and Bangladesh etc,
who have an excellent market in Middle East, Africa and Asia to export our Items. We select the best of the best products found all over the world.
We are in regular search of unique products developed globally and trade in the same throughout the world.
Our products meet and satisfy the requirements of all types of consumers.

Trading Division

Having all the mandatory infrastructure, we are leading and well established company having business deals with UAE and GCC countries like Saudi Arabia ,Qatar, Bahrain,
Oman, Kuwait and Asian countries like India, Srilanka.

We have a worldwide strong network and more than 2000 wholesale customers like bulk and large quantity buying and among worldwide above 400 strong suppliers .
Our import also adds to huge volume thus forming a large scale business. We have overseas companies in India as well as in other GCC networks.

We are sure you can have a chance to do big volume business by joining hands with us as we have huge networks in GCC and have huge volume selling capacity.

Ensuring the quality of our service, we see that the customers are fully satisfied with our unique products and services at the same time satisfying our suppliers
and retailers. We have earned trusts of many global suppliers and have become an exclusive agent in this Trading business.